Workflow Reports

Workflow reports have been designed to give authorized users a sense of where each workflow is, where certain workflows are in the process, incomplete workflows and so on.

There are currently 3 workflow reports:

  • Workflow Status Report
  • Performance Report
  • User due task report

Workflow Status Report

An overall workflow report listing all workflows with statistics on completed and pending statuses.

Performance Report

This report provides a list of workflows and provides vital statistics on how many times they were submitted to along with all pending and completed workflows. The report can be limited to all activity within a begin and end date.

User Due Task Report

This report provides a list of users with due tasks and indicates how many of them are overdue. The overdue tasks column value can be clicked to display all overdue tasks.

Please read this document for a comprehensive overview of the infoRouter Workflow system here:

Workflow Administrator's Guide

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