Security / Introduction

infoRouter provides for a very powerful and flexible security environment. Security can be administered at various levels (Library, Folder and Document).

infoRouter's security is very similar to Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003/2008/2012 security, with a few exceptions.

Levels of Security

Library Level Security

The first level of infoRouter security is at the library (root-level folder) level.

Libraries are isolated environments in which a group of users can work, collaborate and produce documents. Only the members of a Library can navigate inside document libraries or even see that they exist.

In addition to membership requirements, library policies also determine a set of rules in which users can perform certain actions. For more on this topic, please navigate to Library Policies

Folder Level Security

The second level of infoRouter security is at the folder level. Access to folders within a library is subject to Folder Security.

Document Level Security

The third level of infoRouter security is at the document level.

Access to documents within folders is subject to Document Security.

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