Form Templates / Introduction

infoRouter templates are HTML form templates that are used to capture content.

They are an extended version of standard HTML forms. In their raw format, standard HTML forms will work perfectly to capture information from users. These templates can also contain HTML formatting (for output) information.

Common uses for infoRouter templates include form letters, memos, resumes, documentation, articles etc.

infoRouter templates were developed with real life scenarios in mind. infoRouter templates are capable of rendering the captured data in multiple output formats by using and linking other templates. This is done through the use of advanced template directives.

Form templates produce editable output. In other words, a document created using a form template can be edited using the same form template.

Benefits of using Form Templates:

  1. The main benefit is allowing your users (authors) to concentrate on the content of the document rather than the format and style.
  2. Enforcing company standard layouts for documents.
  3. Templates with specific layouts and logos for specific purposes.
  4. Enter once, render in multiple formats automatically.
  5. Automatic updates of "Custom Properties" (optionally)
  6. When used in conjunction with custom properties, the form values can be searched not just by exact matches but in ranges as well.

Please refer to the "Form Template Administrator's Guide" for more information.

Form Template Administrator's Guide

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