Users and User Management / Deleting Users

The System Administrator or members of the User Managers user group may have to delete an infoRouter user.

To delete a user perform the following:

  1. Click on the "Control Panel" link.
  2. Click on the "Manage Users" link located in the infoRouter Control Panel.
  3. In the list that appears, select the user you wish to delete.
  4. Click "Delete" link located in the left sidebar.

Under certain circumstances infoRouter may prevent you from deleting users.

Examples of when deleting a user is not possible:

  • User has checked out documents
  • User has active tasks

If the user has active tasks, you must first transfer these tasks to other users before deleting the user.

To find out if the user owns documents and folders, or which documents he/she may have checked out, perform the following:

  • Navigate to the infoRouter control panel
  • Click on the "Manage Users" link
  • Select the user from the list of users
  • Click on the "properties" link located in the left sidebar to launch the "user properties" window.

User Properties window

Notice that the user properties window contains many links to describe the selected user. For information on these sidebar items refer to the User Profile help.


If the user owns folders or documents, infoRouter will warn you and still allow the deletion of the user. The documents and folders for deleted users are kept intact.

You may consider transferring the users documents and folders to another infoRouter user before deleting the user. For more information on this topic refer to Transferring ownership.