Administrative Functions and Roles / Administrators

"Administrators" is a system user group that comes built-in to infoRouter. This system user group cannot be deleted. Its members are assigned by the system administrator and these members inherit special permissions that allow them to perform certain functions in infoRouter without restrictions. The Sysadmin account is by default a member of this group and cannot be removed.

Members of the Administrators user group can perform the following functions:

  1. Create/Delete/Edit/Enable/Disable global users
  2. Create/Delete/Edit/Enable/Disable local users
  3. Create/Delete/Edit global user groups
  4. Create/Delete/Edit local user groups
  5. Manage memberships for local and global user groups
  6. Grant Library membership rights to individual users
  7. Grant Library membership rights to global user groups
  8. Manage all sections of the infoRouter Control Panel

Member of the Administrators user group are in effect just as powerful as the Sysadmin.

Member of the this group do not by default have access to the infoRouter document libraries however, they can add themselves to any infoRouter library as a member and also make themselves one of the library managers giving them full control of the library.

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