Portals / Portal Scenarios

infoRouter supports the creation of multiple portals. You can create multiple portals to serve multiple audiences.

Examples of Portals:

  • Departmental Portals
  • Customer Portals
  • Project Portals

Departmental portals

Departmental portals can be created to direct the users to areas of interest. An example of this may be a Human Resources Portal created to service employees. Such a portal may include quick links to important documents such as benefits, vacation request forms etc.

Customer portals

Customer portals may be created to give your customers access to important documents directly from portal links instead of forcing them to navigate into the document library. This may be especially important for customers who wish to gain access to important information without having to navigate through multiple folders and documents. Such portals may include your logo and/or your customer's logo.

Project portals

Project portals can be created to bring together a group of project members. Such portals may include information specific to the project like announcements, project directives, links to project resources such as phone numbers, project member directories etc.