How to access the infoRouter Document Management Software

Accessing the infoRouter Document Management Software System only involves typing a URL in your browser screen.

The infoRouter URL generally has one of the following formats:

  • http://(machine_name)/infoRouter
  • http://infoRouter

If infoRouter was installed as a virtual directory, the (machine_name) is the name of the server and infoRouter is the default name of the virtual directory.

Your administrator may also have chosen to create a website instead of a virtual directory. There are many ways to access infoRouter including creating DNS entries that allow quick access such as http://documentserver

Please contact your administrator to find what the exact URL should be.

When you type the correct URL to access infoRouter, you will be greeted by the default portal.

To gain full access to infoRouter documents and folders, you must log in by clicking on the "Member Login" link.