Documents / Creating and capturing documents

There are several different ways to create documents in infoRouter.

  1. Upload an existing document into an infoRouter folder
  2. Install and use the infoRouter Add-in for MS Office
  3. Install and use the infoRouter Import-Export Tool
  4. Use an HTML Form Template
  5. Use the Zip Upload Utility
  6. Install and use the infoRouter Scan Station Tool
  7. Use the infoRouter Hot Folders Utility

Please take the time to review the Capturing Documents document. This document talks about all of the above methods and tools and provides useful links.

Security considerations:

In order to be able to create documents, you must be logged in and (Anonymous users may not create documents) you must have at least "ADD" rights in the folder in which you wish to create a document.
An important thing to remember is that the new document (by default) will inherit the security permissions from the folder in which it is created. So if you would like to change or assign a different security permissions, you must go to the security screen in the properties window. More on this topic in Document Security