Classifying and De-classifying Documents

As a part of DoD (United States Department of Defense) 5015.STD Records Management Compliance, infoRouter supports the classification of documents.

By default, when a document is created, it is assigned a classification level of "No Markings".

Users may classify documents according to the following Classification Levels

  • Confidential Document
  • Secret Document
  • Top secret Document

A document once classified can be "De-classified"

To classify a document, perform the following:

  1. Click on the "Action" icon and choose the "Properties" menu.
  2. The "Document Properties" window will appear.
  3. Click on the "Properties" icon of the section labeled "Classification Level"
  4. The "Classification Level" window will appear.
  5. Select an appropriate "Classification Level" from the drop down control.


Similarly, the same set of instructions can be followed to de-classify documents or set a different classification level.

Security considerations:

In order to classify documents, the folder in which the document lives must allow classified documents. Also, "Full Control" rights are required to classify and de-classify documents.

All actions regarding classifications and de-classifications are logged.