Documents / Checking documents out

This screen allows users to check out documents.

Checking a document out prevents others from doing the same. A document can only be checked out by a single user.


If you chose multiple documents and downloaded a single zip file, perform the following:

  • Unzip the file into a directory
  • Edit the documents you wish to edit. You do not have to change the content of all documents in the zipped package.
  • Once you are done with the editing, zip the documents back into a single zip file.
  • Upload the single zip file into the same directory.


    You do not need to create a zipped document to upload the edited documents. You can check-in each individual document.

What happens [in the background] when you upload a zipped document:

Unlike when uploading a single file into an infoRouter folder, this tool does not stop you when documents with the same name already exist in the infoRouter folder.

  • The single zip file is expanded on the server
  • Any new documents within the zip file are created as new documents.
  • Any existing documents (documents with the same name) are compared. If a change in the content is detected, a new version of the document in infoRouter is created.
  • Documents with the same name with no apparent changes to the content are ignored and no new versions are created.