infoRouter Document Types

infoRouter "Document Types" are primarily used to help categorize documents. They are also an effective tool to enforce publishing rules.

Document types can be configured to require Meta data entry. This way a document can only be tagged as being a certain document type if the accompanying Meta information is supplied by the user creating the document.

Also note that a library policy setting may be created which disallows users to "publish" generic documents inside a given library. This means that any document that is created inside that library must be assigned a document type other than "generic" before it can be marked as published.

Examples of document types:

  • Financial Document
  • Correspondence
  • Report
  • Invoice

Custom property requirement for document types:

In the case of document type "Invoice", you may specify that the "invoice custom property" must also be supplied when marking a
document as being an "invoice" type. Accordingly, the user will have to specify custom property values such as "invoice number", "invoice date", and "invoice amount" before the document can be published.

Note that the document can still be created but it will not be published. More on this topic in Publishing

More on this topic in Creating Document Types