Archiving / Introduction

Archiving takes infoRouter documents, folders and libraries offline and provides many optimizations.

Finished projects, proposals, expired documents, outdated memos and announcements can be archived and still accessed from within infoRouter.

Archived libraries, document and folders do not regularly appear in the infoRouter interface. A user option (Show Archives) has to be set in order for archives to be displayed. When visible, Archive library folders appear in purple so they can be distinguished from other libraries.

One of the benefits of archiving infoRouter libraries, folders and documents is that they remain just as accessible as their online counterparts but they are out of the view.

Another benefit is that "Search" does not automatically include archived documents. This allows users to be able to limit their searches to "Online Only", "All Documents" and "Archived Only" documents. These settings can be set using the drop down option list in the "Search" window (Search Scope).

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