Portals / Introduction

infoRouter portals are customizable and personalizable web pages that are capable of serving infoRouter content. Their main purpose is to greet users and provide content that is specific to users or a group of users.

You may use infoRouter portals to create web pages for your partners, vendors and employees to provide colorful content rather than a dry list of folders and files.

Because they are capable of serving content, you may choose to design portals that provide a collection of critical content in a friendly manner that eliminates the need for your users to go deep into the application.

You may create as many portals as you wish in infoRouter.

Please refer to the Portal Administrator's Guide for more information.

Security considerations:

Only the System Administrators and members of the “administrators” system user group can create portals. However, the System Administrator can delegate the maintenance of portals to other users by assigning Portal Managers.

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