Custom Property Sets / Definitions

Custom Document Property Sets are user defined Meta Data sets that can be attached to folders and documents. They are used to further define the document or folder.

A common use for this feature is to allow documents to be searched based on custom information, rather than just their name or content.


I want every invoice document where the invoice amount is more than $400.00
I want every invoice document that was issued after January 5th, 2015.
I want every proposal we wrote to customer XYZ
I want every e-mail coming from
I want every resume where the hometown is London

Consider the example where you are looking for invoices in the amount of more than $400.00. You could easily find the invoices that have an exact invoice amount of $400.00 but what if you needed more than that?

Custom properties allow you to search in ranges. This is much more than a simple full-text search.

Custom Properties can be defined globally or at the library level. This allows you to create a custom document property set that only appears in one or selected libraries. This way, "Custom Property Sets" that do not apply to certain libraries can be hidden from view.

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