Workflows / Reviewing Documents

When authors submit their document for review, infoRouter creates a "Task" for each of the users defined in the first step of the workflow.

These users are notified with a "Task Notification" e-mail.

An entry into the user's task list is made so users can track their tasks from their "My Tasks" window.

Task Assignees may view a complete list of their tasks by clicking on the "My Tasks" tab.

To perform a task that has been assigned to you, perform the following:

  1. Click on "My Tasks" to display your tasks.
  2. The tasks window will display a list of tasks you have been assigned
  3. To change or complete a task, simply click on the "Open Task" link.
  4. Perform the task as indicated in the task description.


You may be required to perform certain tasks before you can mark the task as complete.

Important Note:

As of infoRouter Version 7.5.81, the workflow functionality has been enhanced well beyond document reviews. With this new version tasks assigned to users can include many requirements. Depending on the task requirements and task permissions, users can perform many functions such as editing the document under review.