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ISO - Periodic Reviews:

ISO reviews or just plain periodic reviews in infoRouter provide a mechanism to create recurring review events. Unlike workflow definitions, you define a periodic review cycle on the fly as you are sending documents for review. Once submitted, the selected documents are sent to the same periodic review cycle in the defined intervals until the cycle is finished.

What is also possible with ISO Periodic review cycles is that the task can be assigned to a pre-defined workflow instead of a user. This is very simple yet powerful. Using this method, you can invoke a pre-defined workflow over and over again based on a recurring schedule.

This feature is especially effective with organizations that are subject to ISO 9000 certification. As you will notice, an ISO comment is mandatory in these types of reviews. These specific comments are stored so they can be viewed at a later date to demonstrate that these documents (in this case procedures) are regularly reviewed.

To send a document to an ISO - Periodic review cycle, perform the following:

  • Select one or more documents
  • Click on the "Tools" menu and choose "Set ISO Periodic Review Definition"
  • Set the frequency of the review. If you choose "Once", the task will be invoked once on the selected date. This date may be a future date.
  • Choose whether you wish to create a task or invoke a workflow.
  • If you choose to submit the document to a workflow, the workflow settings will take over.

If you choose to create a task, you must choose the user you wish the assign the task.

  • Enter the task instructions.
  • Enter the task deadline (in days and hours).
  • Set a priority.
  • Set the task permissions. This section determines what the task assignees are allowed to do.
  • Set the task requirements. This section determines what the task assignees must do in order to complete their task.
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