Reviews / Introduction

The Document Review feature of infoRouter allows authors or authorized users to submit documents to pre-defined workflows.

Document Review cycles or flows are designed to work in a workflow manner where a document goes through certain steps before it is approved or rejected.


  • A document is created by an author
  • The document is submitted to an Approval Flow by the author
  • The first step of the flow is executed
  • The reviewer(s) defined in the first step are assigned the task or reviewing the document.
  • Each reviewer votes on whether the document should be approved or rejected
  • If any of the reviewers "Reject" the document, the entire process ends and the document is rejected.
  • Depending on how the approval flow and individual steps are defined, the document may be moved to the next step if it is approved by one or all the reviewers in the step.
  • The process is repeated for as many steps there are in the defined flow, until the document is either rejected or approved by the last set of reviewers in the workflow.

At each step in the approval flow, reviewers are automatically assigned a task and a task notification (email) is sent to each. Each reviewer must then either approve or reject the document.

Authors or authorized users who submit documents for review are only notified of the results when a decision is reached. They are sent either an approval or rejection notice in the form of an infoRouter e-mail notification.

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